avocado caprese salad

cluster tomatoes with mozzarella and avocado



fresh clams steamed in olive oil and shallots served in a white wine sauce


quinoa salad

fresh spinach cucumber,peas,tomatoes and avocado with organic quinoa in a balsamic vinaigrette


bresaola carpaccio & arugola

salt-cured air-dried beef with shaved parmigiano ,fresh crimini mushrooms and italien truffle oil


almonds salad

arugola , spinach, chopped tomatoes, almond, in a creamy mustard dressing, add grilled breast of free range chicken


spinach and egg whites salad

with fresh spinach in a lemon and olive oil dressing topped with organic egg whites


delicious butter lettuce

topped with chives , shallots and red wine vinegar dressing


heirloom tomatoes carpaccio

thinly sliced heirloom tomatoes with burrata and extra virgin oil and balsamic reduction


frisee radicchio & arugola

grilled shrimps and avocado with lemon and olive oil


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